The origin of the Malá Šárka Precinct is related to the changes invoked by the Velvet Revolution. During that period many international companies and institutions entered the Czech Republic with a vision of an imposing growth on the new market. Appropriate accommodation for their managers, adequate to the western higher middle class standards, was not available in Prague nor outside Prague. After establishing the International School in Nebušice and near the Ruzyně Airport, American development company Hines decided to build a residential estate with all services, unified urban concept and property management services accordant with the developed western countries. Renowned French architect Luc-Emile Bouche Florina, who is a member of the European Council of Spatial Planners, was hired to design an estate which would fit in with the rural neighbourhood of Nebušice.

The structure of inhabitants and the shareholders composition varied during the time:

Year 2001 2014
Number of shareholders: 81 107
Major shareholders (10+ houses) 35.37% 9.99%
Major shareholders ( 2+ houses) 12.12% 23.88%
Individual shareholders: 52.51% 66.12%

The urban concept of the precinct was and still remains so new and successful that it has often been used by film producers to represent a sophisticated housing standard of the higher middle class. Even though, unlike in some of the western countries, the concept of the precinct administration does not have a sufficient legal support in the Czech Republic, securing of the unified concept and maintaining the park, gardens and houses was ensured by internal organizational standards hitherto.

There are 5 house types with partial basements which are divided into categories according to the size of the house from 112 to 195m².