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Dear Residents of Mala Sarka Area,

We would like to advise you of a security risk which is imminent to all of us. Lately, breaching of the road safety rules in the area has become more frequent.

Therefore we would like to remind all drivers that they are driving in the Residential Zone, which is marked up by the road signs (see pictures below) at all entrances to the area. The maximum speed limit in the Residential Zone is 20 km/h.

  obytna-zona2  konec-obytne-zony2
 Residential Zone  End of Residential Zone Sign

Also, we would like to draw the driver‘s attention to the increased presence of pedestrians, especially children, who are allowed to walk on the roads in the Residential Zone.

We appeal on all drivers and pedestrians to pay more attention when driving or walking around the Area.

Complete Traffic Rules for how to behave in the Residential Zone for all traffic participants can be found in the Road Traffic Act, part 3, § 39.

Thank you for your understanding.


Property Management of the Area – Strabag – pfs a.s.                   Pavla Vitková a Hana Vašutová