An Extract from the Rules of Operation:

 The MS Precinct forms an integral part of Prague 6 – Nebusice Municipal District. House owners and the “MŠ” Precinct residents are therefore bound to observe first and foremost the legal regulations of the CR and Prague Capital City Council and Prague – Nebusice Municipal District Authority ordinances.

The purpose of the Rules of Operation consists in the pursuit to preserve the quality of living and life and the “MŠ” Precinct architectural uniformity. Shareholders of the Company have undertaken to observe the present Rules of Operation and see to their observance also by third parties, namely, in particular, the tenants, to whom the Shareholders have let their houses or their parts for use. The observance of the Rules of Operation is checked by the Administrator and by its authorization by the Security Service employee, who is obliged to request the remedying of faulty condition.

The Company does not enter into private law relationships and disputes between house owners, tenants or their visitors.

Basic Rules:

  •  The “MŠ” Precinct is exclusively a residential complex and therefore neither houses nor areas adjacent to them may be used for business or production needs, except such business activities, which may be done, generally, at home.
  • The residents may not, even during daytime, disturb the other residents by noisy music, noise, air pollution and entertainment fireworks and alike. Absolute silence observance within the “MŠ” Precinct is required from 10:00 p.m. to 07:00 a.m.
  • Keeping individual pets (dogs, cats and alike) is allowed. The keepers are, however, obliged to ensure that animals do not cause nuisance to other residents, and, to clean without any delay excrements the animals have left behind in the “MŠ” Precinct public access areas. Dogs are not allowed to run loose and the owners are obliged to keep them on lead and dogs taller than 50 cm must wear muzzles. Livestock breeding within the “MŠ” Precinct is prohibited.
  • Roads within the “MŠ” Precinct are public and traffic regulations of the Czech Republic are applicable to vehicles on them. Driving over the pavements, or partly running on the pavements by a vehicle is not allowed.
  • Garages and garage driveways have been reserved for parking the “MŠ” Precinct residents‘ motor vehicles. Visitors and residents may park the vehicles for a short period of time on street parking bays next to the pavements so that the vehicles do not impede the passage of service, cleaning and rapid intervention vehicles. No vehicles may be parked on the notified date of the “MŠ” Precinct road mechanical cleaning on the roads, including street parking bays, till the cleaning completion. Parking the vehicles in other areas of the road or partly parking on a pavement is not allowed.
  • The park represents the property of the Company, which ensures its maintenance together with cleaning of the roads and care of greenery adjacent to them. The park and other greenery are accessible only by roads. Picking flowers and shrubs is not allowed, as well as treading on the lawn or trespassing on the area between the shrubs, or letting the children to run loose there or letting in dogs is prohibited. Impairing or displacing minor furniture and mobiliary (park benches and alike) is not allowed.

Shareholders (and their tenants) are obliged to keep their houses, gardens, their appurtenances and accessories including fencing in good order, well-groomed, clean and free of apparent aesthetic and structural defects and in accordance with the permit issued by the building administration and relevant documentation,

The Shareholder are obliged to ensure conditions, under which:

  • in case of a house (including house and garage access and garage driveway) the external architectural and colour design approved by the Building Permit and the Final Building Approval Certificate will be preserved, including preservation of structural elements (windows, doors, window-shutters and alike). The colour design will comply with the sampler of recommended colours in the hue of light pastel colours on the house façades approved by the precinct architect. The area in front of the house will be swept, no objects or wastes outside suitably placed garbage bins (removed immediately after the departure of waste collection vehicle) will be left behind there or stored in it. Duvets and alike will not be aired at the windows facing the street;
  • in case of front gardens and in the garden the lawn will be maintained, i. e. in particular, regularly mown and kept free of weeds in order to prevent its propagation to the neighbours. The house owner will ensure that the mown grass is carried away outside the “MŠ” Precinct, or its composting so that the  residents are not disturbed by odour. Trees, shrubs and flowers will be maintained and pruned regularly to ensure branches will not protrude to the neighbours and to public roads, leaves, needles and fruits will not be falling on the neighbours site and public areas and, namely, the fallen fruits will not be left decomposing on the ground causing nuisance to other Precinct residents by odour.
  • in case of fences between neighbours the type and height of fencing is a matter of their mutual agreement, while keeping white colour of other than green wire-mesh fencing, eventually, using a hedge row, while using reed fencing higher than 120 cm is not allowed
  • in case of fences making a division between the houses and the areas outside the “MŠ” Precinct the type and height of fencing, while keeping white colour of other than green, wire-mesh fencing, is a matter of consent given by the Construction Department of Prague 6 Municipal District Authority.
  • in  case a house is left uninhabited no waste or other objects are left behind inside the house and in the garden, causing nuisance to other residents by odour, or which would pose a risk to safety or environment. An unreasonably large information panel about the sale or lease of the house will not be placed on the house, hiding the house façade. Window-shutters facing the street will be kept wide open.
  • Changes of a building and its external appearance (house, garden, their appurtenances and accessories and fencing, including ground adaptations) different from the documentation certified by the building administration and from the permit issued by the building administration, or execution of additional – even minor structures – may be carried out by the Shareholder only on the basis of the documentation submitted to the Construction Department of Prague 6 Municipal District Authority (hereinafter called „the Building Administration“) and upon its consent. Shareholders will discuss first with their neighbours, and, subsequently with the Board of Directors of the Company the concept of changes, or the construction to be newly built in order to find out their opinion, and, eventually, restrictive conditions, still before working out the documentation.  The shareholder is obliged to request for an opinion of the Board of Directors of the Company, prior to carrying out such an alteration. The house façade colour adaptations may be performed in accordance with the colour sampler. If the neighbours give consent to the proposed change or construction and such a change preserves and does not interfere with the uniformity of the “MŠ” Precinct architectural concept, the Board will define in writing the conditions, under which it recommends the documentation to be elaborated. In case of complying with these conditions in the documentation, the Board will then recommend in its opinion the Building Administration to permit the change or the construction. In case of ascertaining that a change has been carried out or a construction erected without any permit in the “MŠ” Precinct, the Administrator will be obliged to notify the Board of such a fact within 14 days and the Board will then inform the Building Administration. The Building Administration and other relevant bodies will settle the disputes according to relevant regulations.

The Rules of Operation, as a part of the Organizational Standard, were adopted by a General Assembly resolution on 16th June 2014.